Shalom! Whether you are new to the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education or one of our longtime friends, welcome to our web site. Charged since 1973 with advocating for Jewish education in all of its forms, filling gaps in the educational system by creating and sustaining new programs and services, and centralizing services and programs for increased efficiency, CAJE serves as both community implementer and innovator. Entirely supported by program fees and community philanthropy, CAJE is Colorado’s advocate for Jewish education in all its forms.

CAJE’s adaptation is one of our greatest strengths; we change to meet expanding markets and clients’ emerging needs.¬†CAJE’s dedicated professional staff works tirelessly with a volunteer Board of Governors to meet Colorado’s educational needs from pre-school through adulthood. CAJE knows that Jewish learning is a sacred, and a life-long endeavor. Browse our site; let us know what you think; allow us to help you enjoy what you inherited at Mt. Sinai more than 3000 year ago: access to Jewish learning!