“As a Jew…” – TimesOfIsrael article by Dr. Sarah Levy, Director of Delet

I have attended many programs lately where, inevitably, someone from the audience asks the speaker or one of the panelists, “As a Jew, what should I believe about

?” or “How should I vote about
_?,” or “What should I think about
?” and each time I find these questions intriguing.

As a Jew, you have an obligation to believe, for example, that murder is wrong…but then again, as a human, you have the same obligation.

As a Jew, you have an obligation to vote, for example, for what you consider to be justice…but again, the same goes for any human.

As a Jew, you have an obligation to think, for example, about the world around you…and, yet again, this should be the same for any human, regardless of skin color, geographic location, or religion.

Unfortunately, although “as a Jew” we can see other Jews as “just another human,” much of the rest of the world does not view us this way…so the classification does hold certain standards, which is why these questions do, in some circumstances, make sense, but not in the way originally intended.

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