Delet Announces Plans for 2016-2017

We at CAJE endeavor to identify and fill Jewish educational needs in the community and strive to provide centralized programs and services for the community as a whole. Looking specifically at Delet, our adult education department, led by Dr. Sarah Levy, we have invested much time in really assessing what the community needs are and piloting different initiatives this year in order to meet those needs.


As such, based on feedback from this year, we are excited to announce the following plans for the 2016-2017:

  • Due to the success of the professional development programs we held for Jewish communal professionals, we will be continuing to offer a series of programs aimed at building collegiality among our professionals, strengthening their skills and connection to Jewish education, and retaining them within the community for the benefit of everyone.
  • Because of the impact our teacher training had this past fall, we will again be holding a morning of professional development geared towards religious school teachers in partnership with the Jewish Educators Council and with the support of temples and synagogues around Colorado. This year our theme will be “Reaching Every Student,” and we plan to expand the program to include madrichim (teen aides).
  • As we take our role as a community convener and resource very seriously, we will continue to maintain our community portal, listing available opportunities for adult Jewish education in the community on our website. Through this role, we have come to appreciate the many options students have for engaging in Jewish education and have decided not to offer CAJE courses, focusing, instead, on promoting the opportunities available through other organizations and supporting those organizations in accomplishing their goals.


Additionally, over the summer, Sarah will be transitioning to a different educational role in the Jewish community. We are thankful to Sarah for guiding us through this transition process over the last two years and are looking forward to continuing many programs from which the community can benefit.


If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis Adler, Executive Director of CAJE.

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