IST Sample Itinerary

Sunday, June 14

  • Depart from Denver on Lufthansa #447 at 5:25pm

Monday, June 15

  • Arrive to Frankfurt at 10:55am – Connect to Lufthansa 1366 departing at 12:35pm (luggage transfers)
  • Arrive to Krakow at 2:05pm – Meet Polish staff and Israeli guides at airport
  • Tour of Kazimierz, the historic center of Jewish Krakow – Rama and Tempel Shuls
  • Tracing the history of the Holocaust – Krakow Ghetto, Plaszow Labor Camp & Oscar Schindler Factory
  • Evening: Dinner at local kosher restaurant preparation for Auschwitz
  • Overnight: Wilga Hotel, Krakow

Tuesday, June 16

  • Bear witness on the grounds of Auschwitz and Birkenau
  • Return to Krakow in the late afternoon – evening out at Market Square
  • Overnight: Wilga Hotel, Krakow 

Wednesday, June 17

  • Depart Krakow and travel northwards through Galician countryside
  • Visit a Jewish mass grave in the forests near Zyblitowska Gora
  • Arrive to Lublin – Visit to Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin (time permitting)
  • Majdanek Extermination Camp
  • Arrive to Warsaw in the evening
  • Overnight – Novotel Centrum Hotel, Warsaw

Thursday, June 18

  • The Jewish Cemetery of Warsaw and the Nozyk Synagogue
  • Resistance! – Warsaw Ghetto Wall, Umschlagplatz, Mila 18, and Rappaport Memorial
  • Meeting with local Polish Teens
  • Depart from Warsaw on EL AL #562 at 10:45pm      Overnight flight to Israel

 Friday, June 19

  • Arrive to Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport at 3:30am local time
  • Meet the Israeli staff team and head for the beach!
  • Sunrise breakfast on the Mediterranean Sea at Palmachim Beach
  • Ascend to Jerusalem – Introduction at the Haas Promenade overlook
  • King David’s Jerusalem – The City of David & Hezekiah’s Water Tunnel
  • Lunch and shopping time in the Jewish Quarter
  • Personal reflection time at the Kotel
  • Check-in to hotel, relax, and prepare for Shabbat
  • Kabbalat Shabbat service and dinner on the kibbutz grounds
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Maale HaHamisha, Jerusalem Hills

Saturday, June 20

  • Shabbat programming and group lunch
  • Relaxed afternoon – free time, sports, and pool
  • Evening: Havdala service followed by group night out at Ben Yehuda Street
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Maale HaHamisha, Jerusalem Hills

Sunday, June 21

  • Herzl Museum – History of the Zionist Idea
  • Herzl – Israel’s National Cemetery
  • Return to the Old City – Walk along the tops of the Rampart Walls from Jaffa Gate to Zion Gate
  • Walking tour of the Jewish Quarter and the Southern Wall excavations
  • Return to Kibbutz – Evening: The Politics of Israel with Neil Lazarus
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Maale HaHamisha, Jerusalem Hills

Monday, June 22

  • Hike the Masrik trail in the Jerusalem foothills
  • Neot Kedumim – Tree planting ceremony and lunch
  • Latrun – Armored Corps Memorial
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Maale HaHamisha, Jerusalem Hills 

Tuesday, June 23

  • Crawl in the Bar Kochba caves at Hirbet Midras
  • Leket – Harvesting project for the hungry
  • Travel southwards to the Negev Desert
  • Sde Boker – David Ben Gurion and Israel’s vision for the desert
  • Evening: Begin BaMidbar – Desert wilderness experience
  • Overnight: Camping in the Negev Desert

Wednesday, June 24

  • BaMidbar – Desert wilderness experience
  • Overnight: Camping in the Negev Desert

Thursday, June 25

  • End of BaMidbar programming
  • Freshen up at Neve Midbar’s natural desert pools
  • P2G cross-cultural programming with Israel teens from Ramat HaNegev
  • Continue southwards down the Arava Valley
  • Evening: BBQ party at Kibbutz Keturah
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Keturah Guest House, Arava Valley

Friday, June 26

  • Catch air jumping down the Kasui Sand Dunes!
  • Alternating activities at the Red Sea
    • Snorkeling activity at the Coral Beach in Eilat (more snorkeling time than 2013)
    • Banana Boating + Watersports on the Red Sea
  • Kabbalat Shabbat and dinner with the Keturah community
  • Evening: Oneg Shabbat Activity
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Keturah Guest House, Arava Valley

Saturday, June 27

  • Shabbat programming at Keturah
  • Lunch, pool, sports time and downtime
  • Evening: Group night out in Eilat!
  • Overnight: Kibbutz Keturah Guest House, Arava Valley

Sunday, June 28

  • Desert ecology seminar at Keturah
  • Chai Bar Animal Reserve
  • Break for ice cream at Yotvata dairy farm
  • Travel northwards to the Judean Desert
  • Camel riding and Bedouin tent hafla dinner feast
  • Overnight: Kfar Hanokdim Bedouin Tent, Judean Desert

Monday, June 29

  • Ascent to Masada via the Roman Ramp
  • Tour of Masada – The mountain top desert fortress
  • Descend Masada via the Snake Path – breakfast at the visitor center
  • Floating time at the Dead Sea
  • Nature walk to the desert water falls at Ein Gedi
  • Travel northwards to the Galilee via the Jordan Valley
  • Overnight: Alon Tavor Field School, Central Galilee

Tuesday, June 30

  • Walking tour of mystical Tsfat’s old city – lunch in the artists’ colony
  • Meet with local Kabbalistic artists – Sheva Chaya and Avraham Lowenthal
  • Tzippori – Talmudic-era archeological park
  • Evening: Donkey riding, pita baking and dinner party at Kfar Kedem
  • Overnight: Alon Tavor Field School, Central Galilee

Wednesday, July 1

  • Ascend the Golan Heights and hike down a water-filled canyon
  • View of Israel’s neighbors from the summit of Mt. Ben Tal
  • Explore the ancient basalt-build synagogue at Katzrin on the Golan
  • Evening: Cruise on the Kinneret and group night out in Tiberias
  • Overnight: Alon Tavor Field School, Central Galilee

Thursday, July 2

  • Biking in the Hula Valley migratory bird reserve
  • Misgav Am – Life on Israel’s frontier
  • Relaxed rafting on the upper Jordan River and lunch
  • River walk along the Hatzbani – Tributary to the Jordan River
  • Overnight: Alon Tavor Field School, Central Galilee

Friday, July 3

  • Hike down Mt. Arbel or on Mt. Meiron
  • Lunch and tour in the Druze Village of Peki’in
  • Travel to the Western Galilee – View of the Keshet natural stone arch
  • Check-in and prepare for Shabbat at accommodation on the Mediterranean Coast
  • Kabbalat Shabbat at the Tunisian Synagogue
  • Overnight: ANA Acco Guest House, Acco

Saturday, July 4

  • Shabbat programming and group lunch
  • Beach time on the Mediterranean and relaxed afternoon
  • Overnight: ANA Acco Guest House, Acco

Sunday, July 5 – Tuesday, July 7

  • Start of Electives Week!
  • Gadna – IDF Basic Training (Tzalmon Base)
  • Hanaton – Service learning experience (overnights at Kibbutz Hanaton)
  • Sea-to-Sea Hike

Wednesday, July 8

  • Wrap up electives programming
  • BBQ dinner on the Mediterranean Coast
  • Overnight: Acco Guest House, Acco

Thursday, July 9

  • Tour of old Acco seaport – Crusader-era castle and Templar Tunnels
  • Explore the Rosh Hanikrah ocean caves
  • Tefen Industrial Park – Warren Buffet’s investment in Israel
  • Drop-off for Home Hospitality Weekend:
    • Caesarea @ 5:00pm
    • Tel Aviv’s Arlozorov Train Station @ 5:30pm
    • Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl Parking Lot @ 6:20pm
    • Ramat HaNegev Region @ 8:00pm
  • Overnight: Home Hospitality weekend

Friday, July 10 – Saturday, July 11

Home Hospitality Weekend

Sunday, July 12

  • Pick-up from Home Hospitality Weekend
  • Archeological snorkeling tour of Caesarea – underwater excavations
  • Tour of Caesarea – Herod’s amphitheater and palace on the beach
  • Budakan – Israeli martial arts clas
  • Overnight: Park Hotel, Netanya

Monday, July 13

  • City tour of Haifa – Israel’s main port city
  • View of the Bahai Gardens and tour of the Temple
  • Kite making class at Ein Hod artists’ colony
  • Walking tour and dinner in Zichron Yaakov – one of the original Zionist Movement villages
  • Evening: Hope for Heroism – Meet with inspiring wounded IDF soldiers from
  • Overnight: Park Hotel, Netanya

Tuesday, July 14

  • Palmach Museum – Israel’s quest for independence and the founding of the IDF
  • Celebrate Tel Aviv at Nahalat Binyamin street festival and craft market
  • Recount the founding of modern Israel at Independence Hall
  • Walking tour of Jaffa and evening of theater at the Nalagaat Center
  • Overnight: Park Hotel, Netanya

Wednesday, July 15

  • Morning beach time in Netanya
  • Bikur Cholim – Save a Child’s Heart Center
  • Dialogue in the Dark at the Holon Children’s Museum
  • Return to the Jerusalem region
  • Evening: Movie night at Cinema City
  • Overnight: Jerusalem Gardens Hotel, Jerusalem

Thursday, July 16

  • Guided tour of the Knesset
  • Israel Museum and Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Ammunition Hill – Recounting the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967
  • Return to the Old City for the Kotel Tunnels Tour
  • Overnight: Jerusalem Gardens Hotel, Jerusalem

Friday, July 17

  • Yad VaShem Holocaust Center
  • Pre-Shabbat shopping at Machane Yehuda marketplace and tour of Nachlaot
  • Free time at Ben Yehuda Street and prepare for Shabbat
  • Kabbalat Shabbat experience at the Kotel
  • Overnight: Eyal Hotel, Jerusalem

Saturday, July 18

  • Shabbat morning – Option to attend services at local synagogues in central Jerusalem
  • Walking tour of Jerusalem neighborhoods – Yemin Moshe and Montefiore’s Windmill
  • Evening: Group night out on Ben Yehuda Street and IST Talent Show!
  • Overnight: Eyal Hotel, Jerusalem

Sunday, July 19

  • Return to Ben Gurion Airport in the early morning flight for return flights to Denver
  • Depart on Lufthansa #695 at 8:00am and arrive to Frankfurt at 11:40am (luggage transfers)

Connect to Lufthansa #446 departing  at 1:25pm and arrive to Denver at 3:35pm MST